Your skill-based and playable NFT series.

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About the project

Creating NFTs with utility.


Our Hidden NFT Gems will be usable in a skill-based game much similar to the classic Bejeweled. We'll have tournaments with high prize pools for each rarity. A full set of Hidden Gems in a rarity is required to participate.

What you can see above are four rarities of the Hidden Gem "Atomic Orange".
From left to right: 1. Common 2. Uncommon 3. Rare 4. Ultra Rare

8 Colors

7 Colors + 1 Rainbow Gem

5 Rarities

Common // Uncommon // Rare // Ultra-Rare // Unique

15 Gems

Create a playable set


What is it all about?

Players are welcome here

If you collected a set of 15 Hidden Gems in one rarity, you will be able to participate in prize pool tournaments. Every rarity will have it's dedicated prize pool that will be announced after the 1st Edition sales. You need one Hidden Gem of each color and the translucent version of each one. On top of that you will need a Rainbow Gem.

As soon as you collected your first full set, you will be able to apply to play the alpha version and help us finalizing the game as well as practice for the tournaments to come.


We focus on SKILL

The first tournaments of our official game Gem City Hustle have started!

You can already participate and win NFT and $WAX prizes! We continue to develop the game and refine it's mechanics, optics and the gameplay!

Help us by joining the BETA tournaments and provide feedback to the game.

Join our active tournament here: Tournament


Further concept: play-to-earn

We will create the ability to stake our NFTs to collect a crypto token on a regular basis.

For that to properly work we will create our own crypto token and build our Gem City virtually to create a proper ecosystem for the token!

Read more about it here: Roadmap